How He moves


Hi friends!

At the beginning of November I got the wonderful opportunity to attend Christy Wright's Business Boutique.  Words fall short when I am asked what this event was about, but I finally decided that it is an entrepreneurship conference just for women. Sitting with 3,200 women was powerful. I got to hear from some incredible and dynamic speakers, drank lots of coffee and filled my notebook up!


On my flight to Nashville, God placed me next to two young ladies. Both fresh out of college and on fire for their careers. One is an ultrasound tech (of course He would sit me next to her!)  and the other works at an ad agency. I got to share about LOH and they bubbled with excitement to hear more. The ad gal was super impressed by our social media engagement and that we have people who not only sign up for our newsletters but actually read it and click through our links. Speaking our measured success makes me keenly aware as I write this letter to you, an actual breathing lovely human being who wants to hear about Lullaby of Hope. Thank you for joining us as we do our part in expanding God’s kingdom and sharing the gospel through a simple, yet powerful gift.


2018 seals year six for us! This year has been good, good because I am wiser than I once was. God has surrounded me with amazing women (and a few good men!) that share and support my vision for Lullaby of Hope. We have nearly tripled our team and are running more efficiently than ever. If God has been nudging you to join the family, there is still room for you! We have volunteer positions that range from coordinating packing parties, approving benevolence requests to sending our curated gifts! I’d love to hear from you, you may be the missing piece to our puzzle.

We have BIG news for 2019 that we can’t quite reveal yet and we can't wait to celebrate together! We are working hard behind the scenes to showcase all the glory. As always, our VIP newsletter friends will get to hear the announcements first, so stay tuned!
LOH Team