Love has no bounds ✈


Hi friends!

When you talk about goals and dreams, Lullaby of Hope has surpassed both. I never imagined that God would grow this ministry into what it is today. A family, a community, a place where comfort and healing meet.

Because of your generosity, we have sent 443 gifts in 2018!

In the early days, when gift boxes were gift baskets, I remember having the conversation about boundaries and setting parameters. Would we be just in the Kansas City area or would we be willing to send gifts outside the state? My answer was that zip codes were man made and that God cares about the hearts of His daughters and He wants to reach them, no matter where they live.

Fast forward to 2018, on an almost weekly basis, we are being asked if we can ship gifts internationally. It is challenging but I still try to still send the gifts, because there is nothing like what we do overseas. I want to play a part in mending the broken and these requests cannot be ignored! We have been working diligently behind the scenes on our website and shipping program (and even sent some test gifts! Hello New Zealand and Romania!) to ensure that we can smoothly transition to include internationally shipping. I am elated to announce that January 2019 marks Lullaby of Hope going abroad!

Love has no bounds,

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LOH Team