This one is for the guys 👌

This Father’s Day, we remember you.

When we set out on this venture to equip the barren and grief stricken, it didn’t take long for us to recognize there was anguish with our husbands. Yes, our bodies were riddled with diagnosis, injected with promise and held our babies that had passed. But, there was another side of grief. Just as our husbands partnered with us to begin this journey to family, they partnered with us in grief. In disbelief. In heartache.

I remember when we miscarried and the look on my husband’s face as he blamed himself for our loss. His tears were real and carried the weight of not only my loss, our loss but his loss.

I saw those tears again when I was hyped up on whatever drugs the hospital gave me (an epidural wasn’t administered) as I did my best to labor and deliver our stillborn daughter. My husband held my hand and mustered up the strength to let scripture tumble out of his mouth. He spoke words over me when I was weak.

“Every Christian has a story. A story that they don’t own. It’s theirs to steward and give away as God sees fit. So tell your story and tell it often and watch God work!”

- Jackie Hill Perry

This Father’s Day, we remember you. You are not forgotten.

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