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Hi friends!

You gotta meet my friend, Julianne. I have known her since before either of us were married. She is the one I seek out at parties, she makes me laugh, she is genuine and makes the best food. She has always been able to craft beautiful items (she made her own wedding dress!), so when I needed someone to make pearl bracelets for our Lullaby of Hope gift boxes, I went straight to her. She was quick to say yes and has been making our beautiful bracelets since August of 2016.

“7 years ago I gave birth to my son Sterling. During the delivery I had several complications arise that required him to be placed on life support for several days. In those days we didn’t know if our baby was going to survive and they were doubtless the darkest of my life. The love and support of our family and friends was truly what carried me through that time. I felt so seen, heard and loved for and it gave me the strength to face the unknown. My boy is now a healthy kiddo and that experience changed my world. I’m so honored to be working with a ministry comprised of women who have been touched by the grief and sorrow of their own stories and in turn reach out and carry their sisters through. A ministry that sees, loves and cares for women who are walking through their darkest hour.

To me, the number of boxes sent out to grieving women will always be startling. It is painful to know that the need is so great. Yet it is bittersweet in knowing that loved ones of these dear women have a place to turn when perhaps their own words may fail them. I know just how much a word of encouragement, an acknowledgement of the pain or even a small gift that says “I see you” means in times of great sorrow. I am so glad that those women experienced that support.”

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