Our Partners

We are passionate about giving good gifts. In order to achieve this, we have partnered with local artisans, who also share in the Lullaby of Hope mission. We wholeheartedly enjoy collaborating with each of our partners. We invite you to read more about each of our partners and the unique product they craft specifically for our gifts.


Bracelets by Little Sprig

We believe that loss is an opportunity for refinement. For this reason, we have chosen to include a pearl bracelet in our gifts. A pearl goes through an abrasive period to become radiant and beautiful. Wear our bracelet as a reminder of the radiance God will bring forth in you as you surrender to this period of refinement.  Our bracelet is also a tangible and discreet way to remember and honor your journey.

The pearl bracelets in our gifts are sourced from Little Sprig.  These handmade bracelets have a leather wrist wrap and a pearl.



Tea by Savoy Tea Co.

The tea in our gift boxes is sourced from Savoy Tea Company .  The tea is a custom loose-leaf blended especially for women and intended to promote hormone balance. Take delight in the aromatic tea with ingredients like dandelion, fennel seed and dong quai root.


Ornaments by Let There Be Light Creations

We recognize that holidays can be emotionally draining and exceptionally hard, we want to give you the opportunity to create a tradition to honor your heavenly babe and mourn with hope. Rejoice in Jesus’ birth, that through Him you can be reunited with your baby.

The ornaments in our butterfly gift box are sourced from Let There Be Light Creations.  These ornaments are laser engraved in maple wood.



Candles by Mixture

We include a candle in each of our gifts because candles are comforting and help set the tone. The candle can be used during the annual candle lighting ceremony for pregnancy loss awareness or infant loss awareness.  Whenever you light the candle allow the aroma to linger and meditate on God’s presence. Psalm 18:28 reminds us that “God’s light can pierce the darkest of places.”

The candles in our gifts are sourced from Mixture. The candles come in a travel size tin.  These hand-poured candles are 100% soy with cotton wicks and scented with fragrance oil.