A Quick Update on Our Gift Boxes

We are excited to share what we've been diligently working on the last few months. But first, we want to celebrate that we've had the honor of giving 497 gift boxes since the beginning of the year!

In May we encountered the largest influx of gift box requests so far - so many that at one point, we were giving a gift every minute! We found this was in part due to the gifts being available for free (who doesn't want FREE?!).

Our reports showed that only 18% of the people requesting a gift followed up by making a donation. We had to step back and reevaluate our model so that we could keep giving gifts (without burning out our team and keeping up with the cost for the gift box items).

We made the difficult decision to apply a cost to each gift box. But our hope is that this helps Lullaby of Hope's sustainability for the future - so we can keep giving gifts!

We are in the process of reviewing ideas and models that would allow us to lower the retail cost per gift in the long run. Please join us in prayer over this!